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Canadian League Against Epilepsy


Important updates regarding vigabartin shortage

Health Canada has been working with Lundbeck LLC to resolve the vigabatrin shortage as quickly as possible.

Health Canada has also been in close contact with the Provincial/Territorial (P/T) Drug Shortages Task Team regarding this drug shortage. Elaine Chong, Chair of the P/T task team, provided an update to the CLAE yesterday afternoon, August 17, 2016, indicating that Lundbeck expects to provide normal product orders within the next day or so.

At the supplier level, the status of vigabatrin tablets and sachets should be changing from back-ordered to available in the next few days.

Pharmacists seeking SABRIL supply/information can contact Accuristix at 1-866-419-0050.


Carter Snead MD, FRCPC
Chair Medical Therapeutics Committee

Suzanne Nurse, PhD
Co-Chair Medical Therapeutics Committee

Nathalie Jette, MD, MSc, FRCPC
President, Canadian League Against Epilepsy

Update Posted: Thurs August 18, 2016

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